Chief Technical Mentor 


M S Prasad is currently the  Director of Amity Institute of Space Science and Technology, Amity University, Noida. He was a Group Director in DRDO and then had a successful entrepreneurial journey before he ventured into the academic platforms. He has decades of experience in space science and technology. He is an expert in Digital Signal Processing (image & object identification Military objects), multiple target tracking with integrated Guidance & control, Missile/Aerospace systems, Software Development and Secure data & voice network design. Amity students have been able to develop an incredible UAV under his meticulous supervision and guidance.


Defence Advisor

Maj Gen RC Padhi (Retd) is the company's Defence Adviser with more than 36 years of military experience from the Indian Army. He was ex Additional Surveyor General before his retirement from the Indian Army. With a vast knowledge on survey, military mapping, UAV geospatial survey and much more his presence in the company has been quite instrumental in serving the defence markets.



Founder CEO & Product Architect


Lt Cdr (R) John Livingstone is Founder & CEO of Johnnette Technologies Pvt Ltd. He was a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Pilot in the Indian Navy before venturing into the business world. He has years of experience in the unmanned systems industry both from the military operations and civilian unmanned systems applications. He is also the first Indian Naval Officer to get First Merit Award from UAV Tettra School, Indian Air Force in 2007. He also conducts test flights for small UAVs. An enterpreneur who is also a prolific writer, fitness freak and an outdoor adventurer during his free time.

Area of Posting: Noida


Assistant Manager - Finance & HR

Sarjeet kumar is playing a vital role in improving and maintaining the financial standing of our company. He helps in determining financial strategy and policy, arranging the appropriate funding and managing financial risks in the organization. He ensures our company to have smooth flow of management and has been responsible for all financial matters. He has more than six years experience in various fields of management.

Area of Posting: Noida


Associate Business Development & Communications

Abhinav Rao Varrey has done his Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering. With a military family background he has a strong sense of integrity and discipline instilled in him. He is the vital link who bridges our clients and the company. With exceptional Oratory skills, Multi-Tasking in high pressure work environment, Acclimatization to change and Strategic thinking, he brings a lot to the table. He is also a Multi-Rotor Pilot and a Drone Pilot Instructor. 

Area of Posting: Noida



Project Manager - Aeronautics

Ram Sarath Kumar is an Aeronautical Engineer having more than 6 years of experience in updating Avionics data to maintain department records and data bases. An effective communicator with exceptional interpersonal skills and hands on experience in training and development. Maintaining workflows and project - client relation and handling the clients in different scenarios are his expert roles at Johnnette. He has a mixed experience on business development as well as Drone Avionics. He is also a Staff Drone Pilot.

Area of Posting: Chennai


Senior Engineer - Aircraft research & development


Cyril has masters in Aerospace engineering from University of Salford, Manchester and is specialized in UAV  with having more than 3 years of experience in design, manufacturing and testing techniques. He is also a UAV fixed wing pilot as well as a Pilot instructor at IID. He is also our aerostructure designer. He is a Staff Drone Pilot.

Area of Posting: Chennai


Associate Engineer - Aircraft research & development

Srinivasan is an Aeronautical Engineer. He is an UAV pilot and Designer having expertise in Computer Aided Design (CAD), Simulation and Research and Development. He is also a Drone pilot instructor at IID and a Staff drone pilot.

Area of Posting: Chennai


Associate Engineer - Aircraft research & development

Vinoth Krishnan is an Aeronautical Engineer holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Anna University, Chennai  and specialized in UAV design, analysis, manufacturing and testing techniques. He is also an UAV fixed wing and a Multi-rotor pilot as well as a Drone Pilot Instructor at Indian Institute of Drones.


Area of Posting: Chennai


Associate Engineer - Artificial Intelligence 

Prashant Kumar holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering from AKTU. He has a deep interest in Software Development and has expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. He also has an interest in Unmanned Ground Vehicles and has a good knowledge in different types of control boards. He is a drone pilot Instructor at IID.​

Area of Posting: Noida.


Associate Engineer - Embedded Systems

Mr. Achal Singhal is an Embedded Systems Engineer. He is an electronics aficionado having 2 years of experience in embedded circuit board designing & fabrication and training students in robotics. He has good knowledge of assembling and programming UGVs on different platforms. He is also a Multi-Rotor UAV Pilot and a drone Pilot Instructor at IID.

Area of Posting: Noida.


Associate Engineer - Wireless Communications


​Kunal Meena is an Electronics and communication engineer having expertise in wireless technologies and excellent in designing and implementing customized systems. He has a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts of wireless system technologies, system architecture, systems design and installation of wireless point to point and multipoint systems.

Area of Posting: Noida.


Associate Engineer - Aeronautical Structures

Nesar M N is a mechanical engineer with Masters in Industrial Automation and Robotics from Manipal Institute of Technology. He's been aeromodelling since 14 years and is knowledgeable in the field of manufacturing and fabrication processes. He is capable of creating products using CAD modelling and realizing the product through rapid prototyping using 3D Printing. He is a Multirotor pilot and drone pilot instructor at IID.

Area of Posting: Noida.


Associate Engineer - Software Development 

Vivek Kumar Agrey holds a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technical University, Uttar Pradesh, with deep skills and experience in developing cross platform Softwares on Linux Platform and their Graphical User Interface for better user experience. He writes code and integrates it in micro controllers to control different types of electronic components. His knowledge of Power flow and battery management helps in improving the efficiency of electrical circuits in products developed by Johnnette Technologies. Being a multirotor UAV pilot at IID, He has also gained expertise in developing control station softwares for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and has a good knowledge in different types of control boards

Area of Posting: Noida.


Technical Assistant

Vipin Kumar has done his Industrial Training in Electrician Trade and Completed Bachelor’s degree from Chaudhary Charan Singh University Meerut. He is a Multi rotor UAV Pilot and Technical Assistant. He is a dedicated, hardworking and a team player. He has a deep interest in Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Technology. He has a strong knowledge in different types of electronic control boards. Skilled in Research and Development (R&D), Technical Support, experience in assembling, flying drones and assisting in robotic inspection using our Johnnette product Jobot-2A. He also is a Flying Training Instructor at IID.

Area of Posting: Noida.


Robotic Assistant

Sudeep Kumar has 4 years of experience in assembling and flying drones and assisting in Robotic inspection using our Johnnette product Jobot-2A. He is a Staff Drone pilot.

Area of Posting: Noida

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